Proactive, we have the most innovative solutionsto satisfy our clients and candidates.


Backed by the experience of his team in the staffing sector, AURA offers its clients and employees the excellence in job matching and in reaching a quick and harmonious incorporation.

Established in 2010, AURA is a young, flexible Company which success is built on a confident and transparent relationship with companies and employees.

Being specialist in talent management, human resources always are the core of its processes. Highly specialized in the sectors Engineering, Services, IT and Finance, AURA brings added-value in all phases of the service, from sourcing, interview, selection and evaluation to placement and follow-up.

Its high capability of response and its tremendous growth are due to:

  • The capacity to reach and even exceed our client’s requirements.
  • Our commitment to a job well done.
  • The knowledge of our clients
  • Our customized service through the Consultant, unique intermediary between the client, the candidate and AURA’s internal organization.
  • Excellence in job matching
  • The loyalty of our employees
  • Leading IT systems for Human Resources Management.
  • Our database. Our high specialization allowed the creation and development of a unique database

Selection methods

The best candidates within the shortest delay

Our ambition is to find the best candidates within the shortest delay and deliver the best job matching.

Those objectives enable us, thanks to the specialization of our consultants to offer an added value to our clients.

To satisfy this ambition we have developed an approach adapted to the specific needs of each of our missions.

Staffing Recruitment

To identify professionals, our rigorous working method combines:

  • Traditional recruitment techniques: through previous advertisement in the different countries’ most representative web sites and our own web.
  • Sourcing via direct approach. Our deep knowledge of the market enables us to identify sectors / companies / development centers where to find the best professionals.
  • Social networks. From long experience as a selection company we possess a very high number of valuable professional contacts, most of them in the engineering sector.

Once the best candidates have been identified we organize in-depth personal interviews to  revise thoroughly the resume, evaluate the professional / personal skills and verify the technical abilities.

We present the best candidates in the shortest delay. We develop with our client during the process a fluent and transparent communication, regularly informing about the status and particularities of the process to guarantee the best success when presenting the finalists. If desired we can also assist the client in the negotiation of the offer.

A National and International database

AURA’s extensive and exhaustive database enables us to act very quickly to present candidates to our clients.

All our candidates are perfectly classified by education, experience, sector, language, geographic mobility…

Our values

In order to keep our clients satisfied with our performance, our work is based on the following values:



We guarantee a personal approach



Is of vital importance throughout the whole recruitment process, both concerning our clients and candidates



We adapt to the needs of our clients and candidates

Team Work

Team Work

All AURA team work together in order to offer the best service

Afán de superación

Meeting the challenges

We always strive hard to grow professionally and improve our service